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My mom and I have been making soap together for over 6 years.  My own health journey lead me to a mission of optimizing my health through diet and lifestyle changes.  Part of those changes involve reducing my toxic load.  Our soap will always be made of ONLY THE BEST quality all natural ingredients.  If I wouldn't eat it, it doesn't go into the soap.  Top quality products aren't the most cost effective manufacturing practices, but our priorities lie in the Health & Harmony of our products. As someone who has an autoimmune condition in clinical remission through diet and lifestyle changes I understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Our products will always support those in pursuit of health and wellness.  With every purchase we donate $1 to the Wahls Therapeutic Lifestyle Research Fund.   This fund follows the same lifestyle changes to help people live their healthiest lives. 

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Here is the mother daughter team behind fig that has been making soap together for over 6 years.  With mom in NY and daughter in IA they still video chat with each batch they make and share the work that makes fig so special.