Frequently asked questions

Can I continue to use other hair care products if I use this bar as a shampoo

It’s perfectly fine to use any hair product with this shampoo. You may find over time your hair won’t need any additional products.

Will my hair need to adjust to this type of shampoo?

Yes. Unlike conventional shampoo our bars will not strip your natural oils from your hair. It will take time for you to adjust to this new way of life. This could take from a few days to a month. Even during the adjustment period you will never walk around feeling like you have unclean hair.

I see lye listed as an ingredient. Isn't lye dangerous?

Once the lye mixes with the oils it begins the process of “saponification.” This process removes the lye from the finished product. We test each batch for proper ph levels to be certain our products are safe for every member of your family.

Are these bars safe to use on dyed hair?

Yes these bars are perfectly safe for color treated hair. Our ingredients will bring out the natural shine of your hair and you may choose to let that natural beauty shine!

Do I apply this the same way as a liquid shampoo?

Not exactly. Get your hair wet and begin to rub the bar over your hair until you have a nice lather. Now you can massage and lather your hair as if you were using “real” shampoo. People with thicker hair might find a combing motion works best. Thoroughly rinse. Please keep in mind everyone will likely have their own methods they like best and take these as general guidelines. Please see the next question to read about how to use apple cider vinegar. Please email info@lovefig with any specific issues and we can provide more detailed steps for different types of hair.

What's the deal with ACV?

Apple cider vinegar is an important part of switching to a shampoo bar because it is the “conditioner.” Using ACV will vary from person to person based on hair type. Our general advice would be to use it either straight as a pre shampoo rinse or as a conditioner after you shampoo. Start with a 50/50 ACV to water ratio for a conditioner. You may find dryer hair types need less ACV and oily hair types need more. We suggest using ACV a few times a week to start and increase or decrease your frequency as you find what works best for your hair. As always email info@lovefig with specific questions.

How frequently should I use this product?

Since it is not detergent based and doesn’t strip any natural oils this bar is safe to use every day, even on hair.

How should I store the shampoo bars?

Store the shampoo in a wire basket or rack so it dries completely between uses. Preferably the bar should be stored outside the shower.

How can I add extra conditioning for dry hair?

There are lots of DIY leave in conditioners we love. One is to mix aloe juice and water at a 50/50 ratio. You can also try a monthly nourishing mask made from 2 tbs. molasses and 1 tsp. ACV. Have a different leave in conditioner recipe that works great? Please share! Email info@lovefig to be added to our FAQ.